Water and Sewer Systems

Water and Sewer

The Department of Municipal Services provides quality drinking water and effective storm water and sanitary waste removal.

Water and Sewer Rate Card

The City Commission adopts a water and sewer rate card every year with the City’s budget.  The rate card sets the billable cost for water and sewer usage by residents and business owners.

View the rate card.

Water Quality Report

Annually, the City publishes the Consumer Confidence Report and Annual Water Quality Report for the previous year.  This report identifies sources of the City’s water, the presence of contaminants in the City’s water system, and information about the presence of lead.

View the 2020 report.

Water Quality Concerns

If you have concerns about your water quality, please contact Municipal Services directly during normal business hours.  If your water quality concern occurs outside of normal business hours, please contact Plymouth Community Police Dispatch at 734-453-8600.

Lead and Copper Information

The State of Michigan requires annual testing and monitoring for residences that have lead service lines.  The water service line is located in the basement or crawl space on the wall closest to the street.  Lead service lines are typically a dull gray color.  To confirm the material, gently scratch the service line at the location it comes into the house.  If service line is shiny and silver where it was scratched, then it is likely lead.  If you suspect your water service line might be lead, please contact the Municipal Services office directly. 

Water Meters

Your water meter is located inside your home in your basement or crawl space.  Typically, the water meter is located on the wall that is closest to the street side.  The water meter is owned and serviced by the City of Plymouth.  Occasionally, meters require repair or replacement.  This service is provided at no cost to you and you will be notified via door hanger of necessary repair or replacement.

Location Assistance

The Department of Municipal Services may have records for where water and storm and sanitary sewers are located on any particular property.  The location of private water service lines can be estimated by finding the curb stop and matching its location to the water service line inside the house.