Solicitor/Peddler License


Anyone interested in applying for a Solicitor's License should return a complete application to the Clerk's office.
Application requirements can be found in the City's related ordinance, which is included as part of the application. Applications will be reviewed by Police Department before approval.  Access application here.

This review process typically takes 5 to 7 days, but can be longer. The Police Department and/or the City Clerk's office has the right to deny any application for the consideration and protection of the residents of the City of Plymouth. 

Fee Schedule:

$5 /per day  -  $50 /3 months  -  $75 /6 months  -  $100 /one year

$2 /per day  -  $20 /3 months  -  $30 /6 months  -  $50 /one year

Fingerprint Fees (if applicable-see ordinance):
City Resident - $5         Non-City Resident - $15

At this time, we have the organizations listed below who may be out in residential areas only for 2023:

TruGreen Lawn, Tree and Shrub Services -
Individuals should have company identification clearly visible and City-issued  photo IDs to assist residents in identifying. 

Adventist Church Family Health and Education Resources Program - Students providing information between June 4 - August 10 will carry organization ID.