Economic Development/Brownfield


Established by Ordinance 78-6 in accordance with Act 338 of the P.A. of 1974, as amended. Bylaws were adopted by Resolution of the City Commission on February 4, 1980, Plymouth City Code Chapter 30 Sections 30.86 - 30.89. Amended by resolution 96-159, established as the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority by the City Commission on December 16, 1996. (Organizational meeting July 29, 1998)


The authority is authorized to capture tax increment revenues (like the Downtown Development Authority), and use the revenues to assess the environmental status of a property, to take steps to mitigate exposure to existing contamination, and to clean up existing contamination.


Nine members appointed by the mayor with approval of the City Commission for six-year terms. Original appointments: four six-year terms, one five-year term, one four-year term, one three-year term, one two-year term and one one-year term.


The Brownfield/Economic Development Board meets as needed.


Term Expires
Colleen Pobur, Chair  March 1997  December 31, 2026 
Paul Sincock, Secretary     
Nancy Anderson May 2021 December 31, 2026
Steve Anderson May 2021 December 31, 2026 
John Buzuvis  May 2021 December 31, 2026 
Alan Deal  December 2018  December 31, 2024 
Greg Donofrio  February 2024  December 31, 2029 
Josh Rimatzki February 2024  December 31, 2027 
Jackie Saling July 2024  December 31, 2028 
John Townsend December 2016  December 31, 2025 
Nick Moroz, City Commission Liaison     
Alanna Maguire, Comm. Liaison Alternate     
John Scanlon, City Liaison     

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