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Starkweather Park

The City of Plymouth is home to 16 parks, some of which are sponsored by the community's service clubs.  In addition, a portion of Hines Park is located within the City.  For information about Plymouth Community Veterans Memorial Park, including memorial brick purchases, please visit their website.

We accept reservations for weddings for a fee at both Kellogg Park and Starkweather Park.  You may submit a wedding application online or in person at Plymouth City Hall. Please call 734-453-1234 ext. 203 for more information.  These are the only two parks for which we accept reservations.  All other parks and pavilions are on a first-come, first-served basis.  

You may view a list of park amenities here.

Louise Markham located at N. Holbrook and Caster

Fairground (formerly Jaycee) located at Harding and Joy

Garden Club located at Sutherland and Forest

Hough located at Maple and McKinley

Kellogg located at W. Ann Arbor Tr. and S. Main

Kiwanis located at Auburn and Junction

Knights of Columbus (formerly Fire Houselocated at N. Holbrook and Spring

Lions Club located at  Burroughs and Harding

Massey Field located at Plymouth Rd. and Haggerty

Pointe Located at Starkweather and N. Mill

Rotary Club located at Wing and Herald

Smith (formerly Elm Street) located at Elm St. and S. Evergreen

Starkweather (Formerly Cannon) located on Farmer between N. Mill and Starkweather

Tonquish Creek Nature Walk located off Harvey between Ann Arbor Tr. and Penniman

Veterans Memorial Park located at Main and Church

Jack Wilcox (formerly Dewey) located at Byron and Dewey


map of Plymouth Parks

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