Where can I place a fence on my property?

A fence shall only be placed on the property of the applicant.

A fence may be placed in a vacated alley if it is included in the legal description.

A fence may not be placed in an active alley.

How tall can a fence on my property be?

In residential areas, a rear or side yard fence shall not exceed 6.5 feet tall and a front yard fence shall not exceed 30 inches tall.  Please note that corner lots may have two front yards, depending on the orientation of the adjacent house.  Additionally, a clear vision area is required where a fence cannot exceed 30 inches tall in the area that is 25 feet in each direction from a street corner and 15 feet in each direction for a driveway or alley.

Can I install a privacy fence?

Yes, fence materials must withstand rust and deterioration for at least ten years.

What is required for a permit?

  • Completed application
  • A boundary survey or plot plan completed by a Michigan Licensed Surveyor
  • Property corners marked by a Michigan Licensed Surveyor

Decks and Porches

Where can I build a deck on my property?

Rear decks shall be 6 feet from the side property line and 35 feet from the rear property line.  If the deck is no taller than 3 feet, it may project 12 additional feet into the rear yard setback but shall be no closer than 23 feet to the rear property line.  Rear decks that are 30 inches above grade or taller must be 10 feet away from any detached or accessory structures.  Deck supports (posts) shall have 42-inch footings.

Accessory Structures (Sheds and Detached Garages)

Where can I build an accessory structure on my property?

Construction of an accessory structure must comply with all zoning requirements within the given zoning district.  The structure must be at least 3 feet from the rear and 3 feet from the side property lines.  The structure must be 10 feet away from the main home and any other accessory structures.  Accessory structures may not be constructed in any front yard setback.  An accessory structure may not be constructed in an easement.  Permission from DTE is required where overhead powerlines exist.

How tall can an accessory structure be?

The accessory structure shall not exceed 1.5 stories or 15 feet tall.  The height is measured as the average height of the eave and the ridge.  If a dormer exceeds 10% of the total roof area is added, the height shall be measured as the average height between the ridge and the eave of the dormer(s).

Is a rat wall required?

Yes, rat walls that are 4” by 24” are required for all accessory structures.  If the accessory structure exceeds 600 square feet then a 12” by 42” footing is required.

Other Questions

Is my property located within the City of Plymouth?

The City of Plymouth has only three and four digit addresses. You can confirm if your property is located in the City on accessmygov.com.

What is my property zoned?

A zoning map is located on the City of Plymouth website at http://www.ci.plymouth.mi.us/zoningmap

Do you have a survey of my property?

We may have a survey of your property if a previous owner submitted one. We are happy to check our files for you and provide you with a copy.

Where can I locate my business?

Each zoning district within the City permits and prohibits certain types of land uses.  Please refer to the City’s Code of Ordinances to determine if your business’s use is permitted and which district(s) it may be located in.

How tall can a new home be?

In the single-family residential district homes can be no taller than 25 feet.  This height is measured at the midpoint of the roof (middle point from the eave to the ridge) to grade.  Refer to the Zoning Illustrated Visual Guide beginning on page 11.

Where can my generator be located?

Generators are not allowed to be placed in any of the required setbacks: front, side(s), or rear.  Please refer to the Zoning Illustrated Visual Guide pages 16 to 18 if you have questions about those setbacks.

There is construction going on near my home and they start early in the morning. Does the noise ordinance address this?

Construction noise is permitted from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. seven days per week.

My neighbor has not cut their grass. Is this an ordinance violation?

Grass and weeds that are eight inches on average violate the ordinance.  Please contact the code enforcement officer at (734) 453-1234 ext. 231 to report violations.

My neighbor has not  shoveled their sidewalk. Is this an ordinance violation?

Sidewalks adjacent to each private property are required to be shoveled and free of any accumulation of snow and ice within 24 hours of the end of a snowfall. Please contact the code enforcement officer at (734) 453-1234 ext. 231 to report violations.

My neighbor has numerous political signs on the lawn.  Is this an ordinance violation?

There is no limit to the number of signs or length of time a temporary sign may be displayed on private property.  However, temporary signs must meet the sign size requirements. Signs may be no more than four feet in height or four square feet per side with a maximum of 2 sides.

How many garage sales am I allowed to have per year?

The garage sale ordinance limits each property to three garage sales, three days in length each, per calendar year. Each garage sale must be registered at www.plymouthmi.gov/garagesale.

My neighbor has an RV parked in their driveway. How long are they allowed to have it parked there?

RVs must be stored in the rear yard and must be registered to the property where they are being stored.  Temporary loading and unloading may take place in the driveway or on the street.