Found/Lost Property

Found Property

To claim lost property, you must make an appointment with the property officer at (734) 453-1234 ext. 226. You will be asked to provide a more detailed description of the item in question in order to prove ownership.

Any property that is turned in as found can be claimed by the finder if after 90 days the owner has not claimed the property. Arrangements must still be made with the property officer at the above listed phone number.

Found Property and Surplus Sales

Property Taken or Seized as Evidence

If property is seized or taken into evidence from a crime, it cannot be released unless the case is adjudicated or the prosecutor has deemed that the property is not needed for the furthering of the case. When the property is able to be released, a letter will be sent to the owner advising the procedure for pickup. If property is not redeemed by the owner with the 14 day period after the letter is sent, said property will be turned over the Police Department for disposal. This may include sale or destruction, depending on the item. There are certain items that will not be released, including any illegal items or items that may require a court order, signed by a judge to facilitate the release.