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Street Trees
A street tree is a tree located in the right-of-way.  In most cases the right-of-way is the area between the sidewalk and the curbline. Review a boundary survey of your property, if you have one, for specifics on your property.

Evaluating Your Boulevard for Planting

Tree Size and Species Selection

The depth of your boulevard (right-of-way) determines the size of tree that can be planted.  A small tree may be planted in an area that is two feet deep or greater.  A medium tree may be planted in an area that is three feet deep or greater.  A large tree may be planted in an area that is four feet deep or greater.

The full list of allowed street trees is located here.

Identifying Other Potential Tree Planting Conflicts
It is important to evaluate the boulevard for potential overhead and underground conflicts as well as ensuring appropriate corner clearance.  Overhead conflicts could include other tree canopies and overhead wires including power and data lines.  Underground conflicts could include water and sewer lines, fire hydrants, other trees and their root systems, and street signs.

Required Distance from Conflicts
Street corners - 35 feet
Fire hydrants - 10 feet
Overhead utility wire - 10 lateral feet
Underground water or sewer line - 5 lateral feet

New street trees must be planted to ANSI A300 standards.  Trees must be 1.5-inches in caliper.  If you purchase a street tree through the City's Street Tree Planting Program the City will ensure these standards are met.  If you are planting a street tree and it is not going to be planted by City crews then you must obtain a permit application, available here.  All tree planting permits are processed by the Community Development Department located on the second floor of City Hall.

New Construction Planting
All new construction projects shall plant one (1) street tree by the conclusion of construction.  If the right-of-way adjacent to the new home is not suitable for a new street tree then the owner shall pay $400.00 into the tree fund.  Read the full section pertaining to new construction street tree planting requirements, here.

From time to time street trees need dead or broken branches to be trimmed.  To submit a tree trimming request please submit an online form that is available here.  Please note that you may only request tree trimming for street trees adjacent to your property.

Evaluation and Removal
If you believe your street tree may be dead, diseased, or dying please submit an online form that is available here.  Someone will field verify which tree(s) are to be evaluated by an ISA certified arborist and will contact you via email within two business days.  Street trees will only be removed if they are clearly dead or a certified arborist reports that the tree is diseased or dying.