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Current Costs
Cemetery Location
Riverside Cemetery is located on Plymouth Road west of Haggerty Road at:
680 Plymouth Road
Plymouth, MI 48170

Cemetery Fees
Below are the costs for graves, crypts, niches, and open / closing services. Please be aware that these costs are subject to change and you should contact the Riverside Cemetery office to obtain the current costs.

Grave Prices
Prices listed are for the purchase of graves only and does not include grave opening and closing or installation of marker / foundation.
Block Location Type of Grave Price
All areas except Block L and M Single Adult Graves From $900 - $1,950 per grave (price varies based on location and residency)
Block L Family plots six graves or 10 graves From $5,400 - $17,500 (price varies based on residency and the number of graves)
Block M Two grave plots only From $1,800 - $3,500 (price varies based on residency)

**City of Plymouth Residents pay discounted prices for cemetery services. To be eligible for resident pricing you must be a taxpayer residing within the City of Plymouth. 

Opening & Closing Costs
Opening and Closing costs cannot be prepaid. They are determined at the time of burial.

Crypt & Niche Prices
Prices listed include the opening and closing as well as one (1) name plate. There is an additional fee for weekend, holiday and overtime interments.
Item Fee 
Crypt vases $275
Niche vases $250
Single crypt From $3,450 - $3,750 (prices varies based on residency and location)
Double crypt From $5,950 - $6,550 (price varies based on residency and location)
Niches From $950 - $1,450, including first interment (price varies based on residency and location)
Department of Municipal Services
Riverside Cemetery
1231 Goldsmith
Plymouth, MI 48170

Ph: (734) 453-7737
Fx: (734) 455-1666